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  • Do Walking Sticks Bite Humans?

    Do Walking Sticks Bite Humans?

    Walking stick insects, commonly known as stick bugs, are fascinating creatures that have drawn the attention of many due to their unique twig-like appearance. The internet is full of pictures of these docile creatures climbing upon willing hands, which made me wonder – is it possible for walking sticks to bite humans? Walking stick bugs…

  • How Long Do Stick Insect Eggs Take to Hatch?

    How Long Do Stick Insect Eggs Take to Hatch?

    Stick insects have somewhat unusual reproductive habits, with much variation in how long it takes their eggs to hatch. In this article I’ll explore the factors that influence the incubation period of stick insect eggs and how it can vary across different species. The average incubation time for stick insect eggs generally ranges from three…

  • Are Walking Sticks Poisonous?

    Are Walking Sticks Poisonous?

    I can’t help but marvel at the incredible camouflage abilities of the walking stick. Seamlessly blending into their surroundings to escape predation, they can be near invisible to all but the sharpest eyes. As I pondered this fascinating defense mechanism, it got me thinking about other ways insects avoid predators. Could walking sticks also be…